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The Feeling of Flying Like a Seagull Sailing Over the Sea

The Feeling of Flying Like a Seagull Sailing Over the Sea

During my 20 years of working as a real estate broker, I have met a lot of beautiful and interesting apartments. It is only a small percentage of those who also had an excelent location or amazing view, high-quality construction, embedded material or a good price. This is especially true for the Slovenian coast, which is smaller and, because of its configuration, more limited options.

Foreigns and domestic tourists are increasingly choosing the desirable Jadran coast desirable, so this year can expect more visitors. Croatian hoteliers are also expecting more tourists - they raised prices by 50%. The prices of apartments this year are also up by about 30%. Therefore, there will be more traffic on the roads and it will take more time to get to the sea. This will probably be the reason why Slovenian people will prefer to stay in their home environment .

With the closure of the old road between Koper and Izola, we are getting the first idea for the largest modern sea promenade. This development will combine and connect people.It will offer a variety of opportunities for relaxation, enterteinment, and also will enable a greater inflow of tourists and also opportunities for faster development. It should be considered that there is the posibillity of greater migration of the generation of modern retirees that will give the coastal climate greater value and that they will investment in aspects for their health, such as year-round spas. Offers will respond to increasing demand, so the price of real estate on the coast is expected to soon equal Ljubljana.

If you to are thinking similarly and agree that this coast in comparison to other tourist destinations allows for continuous and pleasant stays outside of the main season, I suggest you to see Nokturno, as it is probably the most beautiful resort on the Jadran.

Why are so many seagulls over Nokturno to inspire us and desire us to fly with them over the sea, all the way to Triglav and further, as we reach the fabulous views from almost all apartments. As sincerely expressed by Dominik Lapajne: »I believe that in this architectural project, the architect justify his expertise. The complex Nokturno has in my opinion great potential. I am searching for an apartment that is aesthetically and luxurious experience in terms of accomodation. What inspire me is high ceilings, cline lines and open spaces glazed with the sea views, giving the feeling of flying seagull sailing.«

The architecture of the village, designed by renowned architect Marko Appolonio, required the construction of the hill, underground garages, spacious high-quality elevators and other quality equipment and materials. All the apartments in the village can be accessed by a large passenger elevator, which is on the Coast. This is a rare and important benefit for the elderly. Each apartment in Nokturn is a story for itself, and therefore we could name all of them. Having home there is much more to it.

The settlement Nokturno is one the best locations because there are probably no others in which all the apartments offers views of the sea, and even more so, views up to Triglav and on the west side in fine weather, even to the Dolomites. The sea is only a step away and within 15 minutes walking distance is where you can swim. In winter, you will replace the heated seawater pool in Žusterna where you will take the elevator inside the tower 47 against the idea of municipality of Koper. The center of Koper is only 10 minutes away by car or bus, Izola hospital just a minute. Ljubljana is an hour away, Trieste 20 minutes away… In a very short time we can be anywhere, so I was asked by foreigners a lot why Slovenian coast (still) is not densely populated.

The settlement of Nokturno can be a starting point for other activities or pleasant walks in the green plains of our beautifull coast. Even a minute between green hills planted with vineyards and other crops, where we can peacefully walk or run countless ways enabling us to each other by removing the views of the views of the most beautiful parts of our coastal Slovenia and from the friendly locals will be able to buy fresh vegetables and other goodies.

I invite you to join us in Nokturno. You will learn all the benefits and also convince yourself why purchasing apartments in Nokturno today is rare but the best chance.


Andrej Kuplenk, CEO,  ABC  real estate




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