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About us

ABC nepremicnine -  ABC REAL ESTATE real estate agency, l.l.c.

Since 1996

ABC nepremicnine is the top leading real estate agency operating in Slovenia and Croatia since 1996.  Our company provides top quality A to Z real estate services including real estate sales, purchases, rentals, and leases as well as property management and investment services.

At ABC nepremicnine Agency we have over 24 years of successful track record in the real estate market.  We are recognized by our clients as real estate professionals who carry high customer service and client satisfaction standards.

We are an authorized real estate broker for banks and various types of companies as well as private persons.  We are a member of IBN, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and many other related international associations having access to over 500,000 real estate agents worldwide.  This will give us the possibility to sell properties in the international market and to foreign nationals.


Real Estate Brokerage Services – We provide the highest quality realtor services to buyers and sellers of property making sure all transactions are carried out smoothly and without any hassles.  We take special care in bringing the right buyers to the right sellers in order to facilitate the transaction for both parties.  We make sure the transaction is fair to each side as well as beneficial.

We help carryout real estate transactions with paying special attention to all legal issues involved from the start to the end.  This way our clients know that their interests are safe and are well looked after.

Due to our access to a large real estate database, we can offer swift and smooth conclusion to many transactions, sometimes before the property is even published.

Real Estate Management Services – At ABC nepremicnine Agency, we are proud of our one-of-a –kind management services praised by our clients as being number one in the region.  We provide a prompt and professional approach to property and real estate management drawing complete trust of our clients. 

Whether your investment property includes a residential or an office building or even if it is a retail store, our management services are here to free you from worrying about the daily activities and minor financial aspect of your business.  This way you will be able to focus on the bigger picture as you can rest assured that your investment is secure and protected.

Real Estate Appraisal Services – Our appraisal service will bring you comprehensive investment plans no matter how large or small your project is.  Our appraisers are professional experts in the field and carry many years of experience.


We aim to provide a complete real estate services package to all of our clients.  We respect the privacy of our clients and protect the information that has been provided to us for the sake of carrying out a transaction.  We consider all data to be trade secrets which should be kept in complete confidentiality.

Andrej Kuplenk, CEO








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